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We specialize in serving the ancient, delicious food of Lebanon. At our fast-casual eating establishments, guests can enjoy our Shawarma, Grill, Falafel, Tabbouleh, and other fresh, healthy offerings. Our mission is to bring you food that is healthy, tasty, and affordable.


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We serve passion

Why Choose Evoo USA?

  • We specialize in healthy, fresh Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine
  • We offer catering services
  • Quality ingredients, spices, and authentic recipes
  • Our menu is infused with healthy superfoods and synonymous with the famous Mediterranean Diet

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We serve passion

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Good food starts with good ingredients. From our assortment of fresh in-house salads, to our hand-selected Lebanese spices, to our made-from-scratch falafel, Evoo Fresh Mediterranean Kitchen brings you quality food. Eating healthy has never tasted this good!